Traditional Japanese Style Ink Speckled Black, Ikebana Plate

$49.32 $54.80

Made with the utmost attention to detail, each vase features a delicate ink speckled pattern, while also adding texture and depth to your floral compositions.
The vases are designed with the principles of ikebana in mind, allowing you to create beautiful asymmetrical arrangements with ease.

Each vase comes with a complimentary Kenzan flower holder (flower arranging pin needle base)
You can also style this flower arranger with different sizes of Kenzan flower holder.

Ikebana Vase size:

Overall Dia: 20.5cm/ 8inch
Overall Height: 4.2cm/ 1.7inch

Overall Dia: 17.5cm/ 7inch
Overall Height: 4.2cm/ 1.7inch

Complimentary Kenzan flower holder:
Overall Dia: 4.6cm/ 2inch