the TeaCloud - Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Set - Bamboo Whisk, Tea Bowl, and Tea Whisk Holder Set


Product Name: Matcha Tool Set

Components and Dimensions:

  1. Bamboo Whisk (Chasen):

    • Diameter: Approximately 6 cm
    • Length: Approximately 11 cm
  2. Whisk Holder (Chasen Stand):

    • Diameter: Approximately 6 cm
    • Height: Approximately 7 cm
  3. Matcha Scoop (Chashaku):

    • Length: Approximately 18.5 cm
    • Width: Approximately 1 cm
  4. Matcha Bowl (Chawan):

    • Diameter: Approximately 12.2 cm
    • Height: Approximately 6.4 cm
    • Capacity: Approximately 480 ml

Description: This Matcha Tool Set includes all the essential tools for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The bamboo whisk is perfect for creating a frothy and smooth matcha, while the whisk holder helps maintain the whisk's shape and prolong its life. The matcha scoop is ideal for measuring the perfect amount of matcha powder, and the matcha bowl provides a spacious and elegant vessel for whisking and enjoying matcha tea. Each component is crafted with care to enhance your matcha experience.