Japanese Zen Style Ikebana Bowl, Japanese Floral Arrangement, Large Kenzan Flower Frog Included, Four Colors

$35.55 $39.50

****We only sell handmade ceramic vases and kenzan frogs, flowers are NOT included****

Experience the beauty and tranquility of our unique, Zen-inspired floral arrangement set, and elevate your interior design to new heights.
This exquisite collection is ideal for those seeking a harmonious and sophisticated touch to their home decor or event space.

Handmade Japanese Style Ceramic Ikebana flower arranger
This piece can be purchased in white, green, brown and black ceramic.

Each vase comes with a complimentary Kenzan flower holder ($15 Value)

Flower arranger size:

Overall Dia: 17cm/ 6.7inch
Overall Height: 4cm/ 1.6inch

Complimentary Kenzan flower holder:
Dia: 4.6cm

Overall Dia: 19cm/ 7.5inch
Overall Height: 5cm/ 2inch

Complimentary Kenzan flower holder:
Dia: 5cm

Overall Dia: 21cm/ 8.3inch
Overall Height: 5.5cm/ 2inch

Complimentary Kenzan flower holder:
Dia: 6cm