High Quality Natural Bamboo Table Runner, Tea Mat, Tea Set Accessory, Table Placemat in Various Sizes

$15.92 $19.90

✦ The making of this bamboo table runners originates from ancient bamboo making technique. Bamboo used here is hand picked, meticulously sliced into thin stripes, and then neatly tied together with cotton strings. You can use it as a table placemat, tea ceremony mat, table runners or simply a living room decoration as we offer various length option

✦ Material: Bamboo

✦ Width: 30cm/12inch

✦ Length: 20cm/7.9inch, 40cm/15.7inch, 60cm/23.6inch, 90cm/35inch, 120cm/47inch, 150cm/59inch, 180cm/71inch, 210cm/82inch