Handmade Yixing Zisha Teaset, Red Clay Teapot in Xishi Style with Four Pairing Cups

$44.10 $63.00

Yixing Zisha Teapot made from genuine natural clay mud, perfect for zisha teapot beginners.

Each teapot comes with four complimentary pairing zisha tea cups

Tea Strainer: included

Material: Red clay (Di Cao Qing) from Huanglong Mountain, Yixing, China.

Tea Pot Size:


Pot Overall Width 9cm/3.6inch, Overall Height 5cm/2inch
Capacity: 200ml/6.8oz


Pot Overall Width 10cm/4inch, Overall Height 5cm/2inch

Capacity: 250ml/8.5oz


Pot Overall Width 11cm/4.3inch, Overall Height 6cm/2.5inch
Capacity: 300ml/10oz

Teacup Capacity: 40ml/1.4oz

Each teapot's dimensions may vary slightly as they are crafted individually by hand.