Handmade Yixing Purple Zisha Clay Teapot - Authentic Duan Clay Hanwa Teapot


Product Name: Hanwa Teapot

Material: Original Mine Duan Clay

Artist: Jiang Liming

Spout Design: 10-Hole Spout

Inner Wall Stamp: Yes

Craftsmanship: Handmade

Capacity: Approximately 270 ml


  • Total Length: 14.9 cm
  • Mouth Diameter: 7.8 cm
  • Total Height: 7.4 cm

Packaging: High-end brocade box, teapot sleeve, teapot cord, and artist's certificate.

Brewing Suggestions: Ideal for lightly fermented teas such as raw Pu'er tea, Oolong tea, Wuyi rock tea, and Tieguanyin. It is recommended to use one type of tea per teapot.