Handmade Song Style Celadon Porcelain Vase/ Countertop Vase Decor

$35.55 $39.50

Exquisite shadow celadon porcelain vase with an ancient Song Dynasty style.
Design and handmade by porcelain artist.

Material: Kaolin clay and Shadow celadon


Style A
Opening Dia: 3cm/1.2inch Width: 6cm/2.4inch Height: 18.5cm/7.3inch

Style B
Opening Dia: 1cm/0.4inch Width: 6cm/2.4inch Height: 17.5cm/7inch

Style C
Opening Dia:1.5cm/0.6inch Width: 7.5cm/3inch Height: 16cm/6.3inch

Style D
Opening Dia: 2cm/0.8inch Width: 7cm/2.8inch Height: 14cm/5.5inch

Style E
Opening Dia: 1cm/0.4inch Width: 9cm/3.6inch Height: 6cm/2.4inch