Handmade Grass and Ash Porcelain Ikebana Vase, Ikebana Bowl Kenzan Flower Frog Included


Ceramic Ikebana flower arranger. Can also be used as a beautiful snack/fruit plate.
Grass and Ash Porcelain is an ancient Chinese ceramic glazing method, it is also one of the earliest human glazes used in ceramics. This gives the porcelain an elegant beige glazing color.

Each vase comes with a complimentary Kenzan frog flower holder (Value $15)

There may be slight differences in shape of each vase because it is handmade.

Flower arranger size:
Opening Dia: 14cm/ 5.5inch
Overall Height: 7cm/ 2.8inch

Complimentary Kenzan flower holder:
Overall Dia: 4.6cm/ 1.8inch