Ceramic Semi Circle Ikebana Vase, Kenzan Flower Frog Included

$58.05 $64.50

Porcelain Ikebana flower arranger plate in circular style.
Classic Japanese Style flower arranger. Fired at 1250 degrees Celsius, extreme temperature has hardened the porcelain to extreme hardness and ensured its durability.
This piece can be purchased in pairs to form into different new styles.

Each plate comes with a complimentary D46 Kenzan flower frog ($11 Value)

One half-circle Ikebana Plate + One D46 kenzan
Two half-circle Ikebana Plate + Two D46 kenzan

Flower arranger size:
Overall Dia: 27.5cm/11inch
Overall Height: 6.5cm/2.6inch

Complimentary Kenzan flower holder:
Overall Dia: 4.6cm/1.8inch